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Journal of Applied Genetics 51(3), 2010, pp. 283-287

Mapping of sequence-specific markers and loci controlling preharvest sprouting and alpha-amylase activity in rye (Secale cereale L.) on the genetic map of an F2 (S120S76) population

B. Myskow, S. Stojalowski, P. Milczarski, P. Masojc

Abstract: Location of the loci that control preharvest sprouting and alpha-amylase activity in rye was studied based on intercross S120S76, consisting of 110 genotypes of F2 and F3 progenies. The genetic map currently consists of 141 loci distributed in 11 linkage groups, covering a distance of 506.4 cM, and was enriched during this study with 24 sequence-specific markers (7 SCARs, 7 SSRs, and 10 STSs). The extended map was applied for composite interval mapping of the loci controlling preharvest sprouting and α-amylase activity, revealing 3 significant QTLs for preharvest sprouting, located on chromosomes 3R, 5R and 6R (in 1999), and one QTL for α-amylase activity found on chromosome 2R (in 2000).

Key words: alpha-amylase, genetic map, molecular markers, preharvest sprouting, QTL, rye

Correspondence: B. Myskow, Department of Plant Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology, West-Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland; e-mail:

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