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Issue 51(3), 2010

Plant Genetics

Chromosomal location and molecular mapping of a tan spot resistance gene in the winter wheat cultivar Red Chief
W. Tadesse, M. Schmolke, S.L.K. Hsam, V. Mohler, G. Wenzel, F. J. Zeller
page 235    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Generation of marker-free Bt transgenic indica rice and evaluation of its yellow stem borer resistance
S. Kumar, L. Arul, D. Talwar
page 243    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Sequence characteristics and divergent evolution of the chloroplast psbA-trnH noncoding region in gymnosperms
D.C. Hao, S.L. Chen, P.G. Xiao
page 259    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Use of chromosome walking in discovery of single-nucleotide polymorphism in noncoding regions of a candidate actin gene in Pinus radiata.
W. Li, H. Li, H. Wu, X-Y Chen
page 275    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Mapping of sequence-specific markers and loci controlling preharvest sprouting and alpha-amylase activity in rye (Secale cereale L.) on the genetic map of an F2 (S120S76) population
B. Myskow, S. Stojalowski, P. Milczarski, P. Masojc
page 283    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Animal Genetics

Mutations in the bovine ABCG2 and the ovine MSTN gene added to the few quantitative trait nucleotides identified in farm animals: a mini-review
M. H. Braunschweig
page 289    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Isolation and molecular characterization of the porcine SLC6A14 gene excludes it as a candidate gene for fat deposition and growth
G. L.Yang, J. Ren, S. H.Zhang, W.B. Huang, Y.M. Guo, Y. Y.Duan, M.Z. Liu, L.S. Huang
page 299    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Chromosome rearrangements and survival of androgenetic rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
K. Ocalewicz, S. Dobosz, H. Kuzminski, J. Nowosad, K. Goryczko
page 309    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Chromosomal assignment of R-spondin genes in the donkey (Equus asinus, 2n = 62)
L. De Lorenzi, V. Genualdo, A. Perucatti, G. Pia Di Meo, L. Molteni, L. Iannuzzi, P. Parma
page 319    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Human Genetics

Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase genes COX1 and COX2 - novel modifiers of disease severity in cystic fibrosis patients
K. Czerska, A. Sobczynska-Tomaszewska, D. Sands, A. Nowakowska, D. Bak, K. Wertheim, J. Poznanski, J. Zielenski, A. Norek, J. Bal
page 323    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

DNA methylation analysis of a de novo balanced X;13 translocation in a girl with abnormal phenotype: evidence for functional duplication of the whole short arm of the X chromosome
A. Myszka, P. Karpinski, I. Makowska, M. Lassota, B. Przelozna, R. Slezak, M. M. Sasiadek
page 331    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

An age-related decrease in factor V Leiden frequency among Polish subjects
G. Adler, M. Parczewski, E. Czerska, B. Loniewska, M. Kaczmarczyk, J. Gumprecht, W. Grzeszczak, A. Szybinska, M. Mossakowska, A. Ciechanowicz
page 337    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms of selected genes involved in the response to DNA damage and risk of colon, head and neck, and breast cancers in a Polish population
K. Jelonek, A. Gdowicz-Klosok, M. Pietrowska, M. Borkowska, J. Korfanty, J. Rzeszowska-Wolny, P. Widlak
page 343    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Gene expression profiling in peripheral blood nuclear cells in patients with refractory ischaemic end-stage heart failure
S. Szmit, M. Jank, H. Maciejewski, M. Grabowski, R. Glowczynska, A. Majewska, K. J. Filipiak, T. Motyl, G. Opolski
page 353    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Microbial Genetics

Importance of eps genes from Bacillus subtilis in biofilm formation and swarming
K. Nagorska, A. Ostrowski, K. Hinc, I. B. Holland, M. Obuchowski
page 369    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Campylobacter protein oxidation influences epithelial cell invasion or intracellular survival as well as intestinal tract colonization in chickens
A. M. Lasica, A. Wyszynska, K. Szymanek, P. Majewski, E. K. Jagusztyn-Krynicka
page 383    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Bacterial diversity in the rumen of Indian Surti buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), assessed by 16S rDNA analysis
P. R. Pandya, K. M. Singh, S. Parnerkar, A. K. Tripathi, H. H. Mehta, D. N. Rank, R. K. Kothari, C. G. Joshi
page 395    Abstract & full text article (PDF)