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Issue 51(2), 2010

Plant Genetics

Transfer to wheat (Triticum aestivum) of small chromosome segments from rye (Secale cereale) carrying disease resistance genes
S. Fu, Z. Tang, Z. Ren, H. Zhang
page 115    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Transferability, amplification quality, and genome specificity of microsatellites in Brassica carinata and related species
A. Marquez-Lema, L. Velasco, B. Perez-Vich
page 123    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Marker-assisted selection of diploid and tetraploid potatoes carrying Rpi-phu1, a major gene for resistance to Phytophthora infestans
J. Sliwka, H. Jakuczun, P. Kaminski, E. Zimnoch-Guzowska
page 133    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Obtaining carrot (Daucus carota L.) plants in isolated microspore cultures
K. Gorecka, U. Kowalska, D. Krzyzanowska, W. Kiszczak
page 141    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Molecular cytogenetic evaluation of chromosome instability in Triticum aestivum-Secale cereale disomic addition lines
E. Szakacs, M. Molnar-Lang
page 149    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Animal Genetics

Genetics of fat tissue accumulation in pigs: a comparative approach
M. Switonski, M. Stachowiak, J. Cieslak, M. Bartz, M. Grzes
page 153    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Transcriptomic “portraits” of canine mammary cancer cell lines with various phenotypes
M. Krol, K.M. Pawlowski, J. Skierski, P. Turowski, A. Majewska, J. Polanska, M. Ugorski, R.E. Morty, T. Motyl
page 169    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Associations of ATGL gene polymorphisms with chicken growth and fat traits
Q-H. Nie, M-X. Fang, L. Xie, X. Shen, J. Liu, Z-P. Luo, J-J. Shi, X-Q. Zhang
page 185    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

High-fat diet leads to a decreased methylation of the Mc4r gene in the obese BFMI and the lean B6 mouse lines
S. Widiker, S. Karst, A. Wagener, G. A. Brockmann
page 193    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Novel 12-bp deletion in the coding region of the bovine NPM1 gene affects growth traits
Y-Z. Huang, E-P. Zhang, H. Chen, J. Wang, Z-J. Li, Y-T. Huai, L. Ma, X-Y. Lan, G. Ren, C-Z. Lei, X-T. Fang, J-Q. Wang
page 199    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Human Genetics

Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 1A disease caused by a novel Ser112Arg mutation in the PMP22 gene, coexisting with a slowly progressive hearing impairment
D. Kabzinska, E. Sinkiewicz-Darol, I. Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz, A. Kochanski
page 203    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

High prevalence of the NBN gene mutation c.657-661del5 in Southeast Germany
M. Maurer, K. Hoffmann, K. Sperling, R. Varon
page 211    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Subtelomeric rearrangements in Polish subjects with intellectual disability and dysmorphic features
J. Bogdanowicz, B. Pawlowska, A. Ilnicka, S. Gawlik-Zawislak, A. Jozwiak, B. Sobiczewska, E. Zdzienicka, L. Korniszewski, J. Zaremba
page 215    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Investigation of the 22q11.2 candidate region in patients with midline facial defects with hypertelorism
M. Simioni, E. Lopes Freitas, T. Paiva Vieira, I. Lopes-Cendes, V. Lucia Gil-da-Silva-Lopes
page 219    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Complete XY gonadal dysgenesis due to p.D293N homozygous mutation in the NR5A1 gene: a case study
F. C. Soardi, F. Borchers Coeli, A. T. Maciel-Guerra, G. Guerra-Junior, M. Palandi de Mello
page 223    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Microbial Genetics

Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated transformation of a high oil-producing filamentous fungus Umbelopsis isabellina
D-Sh. Wei, Y-H. Zhang, L-J. Xing, M-Ch. Li
page 225    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society, September 1618, 2010
page 233    Abstract & full text article (PDF)