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Journal of Applied Genetics 51(1), 2010, pp. 51-57

Association of 3 polymorphisms in porcine troponin I genes (TNNI1 and TNNI2) with meat quality traits

H. Yang, Z. Y. Xu, M. G. Lei, F. E. Li, C. Y. Deng, Y. Z. Xiong, B. Zuo

Abstract: The contractile protein troponin I (TnI), a constituent protein of the troponin complex located on the thin filaments of striated muscle, is involved in inhibition of calcium-induced myosin ATPase activity (and thus contraction). TnI-slow (slow-twitch skeletal muscle isoform, named TNNI1) and TnI-fast (fast-twitch skeletal muscle isoform, named TNNI2) are muscle-fiber-type-specific proteins, and expression of their genes may affect the composition of muscle fiber, thereby influencing the meat quality traits. Thus, the TnI genes are potential candidate genes for traits related to meat quality in animals. Association of 2 SNPs (EU743939:g.5174T>C in intron 4, and EU743939:g.8350C>A in intron 7) of the TNNI1 gene and a SNP (EU696779:g.1167C>T in intron 3) of the TNNI2 gene with 11 meat quality traits were studied on 334 Large White Meishan F2 pigs. In the TNNI1 gene, g.5174T>C and g.8350C>A were found to be significantly associated with intramuscular fat content and meat color value of biceps femoris. The g.5174T>C also showed significant effects on meat color value and marbling score of longissimus dorsi, as well as pH of longissimus dorsi and semispinalis capitis. The g.1167C>T polymorphism in the TNNI2 gene affected significantly the pH of longissimus dorsi, meat color value of longissimus dorsi and semispinalis capitis, marbling score of longissimus dorsi, and intramuscular fat.

Key words: meat quality, pigs, polymorphisms, TnI-slow, TnI-fast, troponin I

Correspondence: B. Zuo, Key Laboratory of Swine Genetics and Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture & Key Laboratory of Agricultural Animal Genetics and Breeding, Ministry of Education, College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, 430070, P. R. China; e-mail:

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