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Issue 51(1), 2010

Plant Genetics

Possible ancient origin of heterochromatic JNK sequences in chromosomes 2R of Secale vavilovii Grossh
M. Achrem, S. M. Rogalska, A. Kalinka
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Molecular characterization of novel low-molecular-weight glutenin genes in Aegilops longissima
Z. Huang, H. Long, Q-T. Jiang, Y-M. Wei, Z-H. Yan, Y-L. Zheng
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Saturation and mapping of a major Fusarium head blight resistance QTL on chromosome 3BS of Sumai 3 wheat
M-P. Zhou, M.J. Hayden, Z-Y. Zhang, .W-Z. Lu, H-X. Ma
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Random variability of map distances based on Kosambi’s and Haldane’s mapping functions
M. Huehn
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Self-incompatibility alleles in Polish wild pear (Pyrus pyraster (L.) Burgsd.): a preliminary analysis
L. Wolko, W. Antkowiak, M. Sips, R. Slomski
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Chromosomal location and molecular mapping of a tan spot resistance gene in the winter wheat cultivar Red Chief
W. Tadesse, M. Schmolke, S.L.K. Hsam, V. Mohler, G. Wenzel, F. J. Zeller
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Animal Genetics

Transcriptomic signature of cell lines isolated from canine mammary adenocarcinoma metastases to lungs
M. Krol, J. Polanska, K.M. Pawlowski, P. Turowski, J. Skierski, A. Majewska, M. Ugorski, R.E. Morty, T. Motyl
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Association of 3 polymorphisms in porcine troponin I genes (TNNI1 and TNNI2) with meat quality traits
H. Yang, Z. Y. Xu, M. G. Lei, F. E. Li, C. Y. Deng, Y. Z. Xiong, B. Zuo
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A novel single-nucleotide polymorphism of the visfatin gene and its associations with performance traits in the chicken
R-L. Han, X-Y. Lan, L-Z. Zhang, G. Ren, Y-J. Jing, M-J. Li, B. Zhang, M. Zhao, Y-K. Guo, X-T. Kang, H. Chen
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Genetic differences between wild and hatchery populations of Diplodus sargus and D. vulgaris inferred from RAPD markers: implications for production and restocking programs design
J. C. Pereira, P. G. Lino, A. Leitao, S. Joaquim, R. Chaves, P. Pousao-Ferreira, H. Guedes-Pinto, M. Neves dos Santos
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Cross-species amplification of microsatellite markers in the invasive spiny-cheek crayfish (Orconectes limosus): assessment and application
M. Hulak, V. Kaspar, P. Kozak, M. Buric, L. Filipova, A. Petrusek
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Human Genetics

DNA damage and repair after exposure to sevoflurane in vivo, evaluated in Swiss albino mice by the alkaline comet assay and micronucleus test
G. Brozovic, N. Orsolic, R. Rozgaj, V. Kasuba, F. Knezevic, A. H. Knezevic, V. Benkovic, D. Lisicic, N. Borojevic, D. Dikic
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Association between α-adducin gene polymorphism (Gly460Trp) and genetic predisposition to salt sensitivity: a meta-analysis
R. Wang, B. Zhong, Y. Liu, C. Wang
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Molecular characterization of Polish patients with familial hypercholesterolemia: novel and recurrent LDLR mutations
M. Chmara, B. Wasag, M. Zuk, J. Kubalska, A. Wegrzyn, M. Bednarska-Makaruk, E. Pronicka, H. Wehr, J. C. Defesche, A. Rynkiewicz, J. Limon
page 95    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata type 1: report of mutations in 3 children from India
S. R. Phadke, N. Gupta, K. M Girisha, M. Kabra, M. Maeda, E. Vidal, A. Moser, S. Steinberg, R. D. Puri, I. C. Verma, N. Braverman
page 107    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Severe clinical course of Hirschsprung disease in a Mowat-Wilson syndrome patient
R. Smigiel, A. Szafranska, M. Czyzewska, A. Rauch, Ch. Zweier, D. Patkowski
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