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Journal of Applied Genetics 50(3), 2009, pp. 225-234

Influence of dent corn genetic backgrounds on QTL detection for plant-height traits and their relationships in high-oil maize

M. Wei, J. Fu, X. Li, Y. Wang, Y. Li

Abstract: QTL mapping for plant-height traits has not been hitherto reported in high-oil maize. A high-oil maize inbred 'GY220' was crossed with two dent maize inbreds ('8984' and '8622') to generate two connected F2:3 populations. Four plant-height traits were evaluated in 284 and 265 F2:3 families. Single-trait QTL mapping and multiple-trait joint QTL mapping was used to detect QTLs for the traits and the genetic relationship between plant height (PH) and two other plant-height traits. A total of 28 QTLs and 12 pairs of digenic interactions among detected QTLs for four traits were detected in the two F2:3 families. Only one marker was shared between the two populations. Joint analysis of PH with ear height (EH) and PH with top height (TH) detected 32 additional QTLs. Our results showed that QTL detection for PH was dependent on the genetic background of dent corn inbreds. Multiple-trait joint QTL analysis could increase the number of detected QTLs.

Key words: Zea mays, genetic background, multiple-trait joint QTL mapping, QTL inconsistency, SSR markers.

Correspondence: Y. Li, College of Agriculture, Henan Agricultural University, 95 Wenhua Rd, Zhengzhou, P.R. China; e-mail:

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