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Issue 50(3), 2009

Invited Editorial

Darwin's contributions to genetics
Y-S. Liu, X-M. Zhou, M-X. Zhi, X-J. Li, Q-L. Wang
page 177    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Plant Genetics

The determinants of grain texture in cereals
A. Nadolska-Orczyk, S. Gasparis, W. Orczyk
page 185    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Undescribed wheat gene for partial leaf rust and stripe rust resistance from Thatcher derivatives RL6058 and 90RN2491 carrying Lr34
S. Agarwal, R.G. Saini
page 199    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Response to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis Westend. f. sp. tritici) and its coincidence with leaf rust resistance in hexaploid introgressive triticale lines with Triticum monococcum genes
W. Sodkiewicz, A. Strzembicka, T. Sodkiewicz, M. Majewska
page 205    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Differential expression of candidate genes for lignin biosynthesis under drought stress in maize leaves
Y. Hu, W-Ch. Li, Y-Q. Xu, G-J. Li, Y. Liao, F-L. Fu
page 213    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Influence of dent corn genetic backgrounds on QTL detection for plant-height traits and their relationships in high-oil maize
M. Wei, J. Fu, X. Li, Y. Wang, Y. Li
page 225    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Animal Genetics

Additive effects of 19 porcine SNPs on growth rate, meat content and selection index
S. Kaminski, H. Help, T. Suchocki, J. Szyda
page 235    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Cloning of profilin (FcPFN) from the shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis, a highly expressed protein in white spot syndrome virus (WSSV)-infected shrimp
H. J. Kong, G-E. Hong, H. K. Cho, B-H. Nam, Y-O. Kim, W-J. Kim, S-J. Lee, K-K. Kim
page 245    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

The MMP2 gene may be associated with longissimus dorsi muscle area in the pig (Sus scrofa)
S. K. Onteru, B. Fan, M. F. Rothschild
page 251    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

A novel sheep gene, MMP7, differentially expressed in muscles from black-boned sheep and local common sheep
L. Yonggang, G. Shizheng
page 253    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Known mutation (A3072G) in intron 3 of the IGF2 gene is associated with growth and carcass composition in Polish pig breeds
M. Oczkowicz, M. Tyra, K. Walinowicz, M. Rozycki, B. Rejduch
page 257    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Human Genetics

Cytogenetic perspective of ageing and longevity in men and women
E. Zietkiewicz, A. Wojda, M. Witt
page 261    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Role of ADRB2 gene polymorphism in asthma and response to 2-agonists in Polish children
A. Szczepankiewicz, A. Breborowicz, P. Sobkowiak, L. Kramer, A. Popiel
page 275    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Screening of the 17p11.2-p12 region in a large cohort of patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease or hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP)
D. Kabzinska, J. Pierscinska, A. Kochanski
page 283    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Monosomy 10q26-qter and trisomy 11q13-qter as a result of de novo unbalanced translocation
F. Tinsa, Y. Chebbi, M. Meddeb, D. Bousnina, K. Boussetta, S. Bousnina
page 289    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Uniparental disomy and the phenotype of mosaic trisomy 20: a new case and review of the literature
Z. Powis, R. P. Erickson
page 293    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

A novel GJA1 missense mutation in a Polish child with oculodentodigital dysplasia
A. Jamsheer, M. Wisniewska, A. Szpak, G. Bugaj, M. R. Krawczynski, B. Budny, A. Wawrocka, A. Latos-Bielenska
page 297    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Microbial Genetics

Genome-wide identification of genes involved in tolerance to various environmental stresses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
C. Auesukaree, A. Damnernsawad, M. Kruatrachue, P. Pokethitiyook, C. Boonchird, Y. Kaneko, S. Harashima
page 301    Abstract & full text article (PDF)