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Journal of Applied Genetics 49(4), 2008, pp. 373-377

Chromosomal localization of 13 candidate genes for human obesity in the pig genome

Joanna Nowacka-Woszuk, Izabela Szczerbal, Honorata Fijak-Nowak, Marek Switonski

Abstract: Thirteen candidate genes for human obesity were selected for cytogenetic mapping by FISH in the pig genome. Among them, 6 genes were assigned to chromosomes for the first time (NR3C1, GNB3, ADRB1, ADRB2, ADRB3 and UCP1). Location of the other 7 genes (INSIG2, LIPIN1, PLIN, NAMPT, ADIPOQ, UCP2 and UCP3), earlier mapped by somatic cell hybridization or with the use of a radiation hybrid panel, was verified (INSIG2) or more precisely described. The genes were assigned to the following chromosomes: INSIG2 to SSC15q12, LIPIN1 to SSC3q26, NR3C1 to SSC2q29, PLIN to SSC7q15, GNB3 to SSC5q21, NAMPT to SSC9q23, ADIPOQ to SSC13q41, ADRB1 to SSC14q28, ADRB2 to SSC2q29, ADRB3 to SSC15q13-14, UCP1 to SSC8q21-22, and both UCP2 and UCP3 to SSC9p24. Most of the genes were located within known QTL for pig fatness traits

Key words: ADIPOQ, ADRB1, ADRB2, ADRB3, candidate gene, fatness, GNB3, INSIG2, LIPIN1, NAMPT, NR3C1, obesity, pig, PLIN, QTL, UCP1, UCP2, UCP3.

Correspondence: M. Switonski, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Wolynska 33, 60-637 Poznan, Poland, e-mail:

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