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Issue 49(4), 2008

Plant Genetics

Chromosomal localization of a novel repetitive sequence in the Chenopodium quinoa genome
Bozena Kolano, Andrzej Plucienniczak, Miroslaw Kwasniewski, Jolanta Maluszynska
page 313    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Resistance to Melampsora larici-epitea leaf rust in Salix: analyses of quantitative trait loci
Ann-Christin Ronnberg-Wastljung, Berit Samils, Vasilios Tsarouhas, Urban Gullberg
page 321    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Mapping QTLs for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance on chromosome 2D in a synthetic hexaploid wheat×common wheat cross
Ren Xiao-bo, Lan Xiu-jin, Liu Deng-cai, Wang Jia-li, Zheng You-liang
page 333    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Transformation of microspore-derived embryos of winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) by using Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Teresa Cegielska-Taras, Tomasz Pniewski, Laurencja Szala
page 343    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus utilization in progenies of factorial crosses between European and exotic cultivars of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Andrzej G. Gorny, Dominika Ratajczak
page 349    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Animal Genetics

Tools of the trade: diagnostics and research in domestic animal cytogenetics
Leopoldo Iannuzzi, Dino Di Berardino
page 357    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Evaluation of reference genes for studies of gene expression in the bovine liver, kidney, pituitary, and thyroid
Pawel Lisowski, Mariusz Pierzchala, Joanna Goscik, Chandra S. Pareek, Lech Zwierzchowski
page 367    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Chromosomal localization of 13 candidate genes for human obesity in the pig genome
Joanna Nowacka-Woszuk, Izabela Szczerbal, Honorata Fijak-Nowak, Marek Switonski
page 373    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Sex determination in 6 bovid species by duplex PCR
Prashant, Digpal S. Gour, Prem P. Dubey, Anubhav Jain, Subhash C. Gupta, Balwinder K. Joshi, Dinesh Kumar
page 379    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Human Genetics

Mystery of DNA repair: the role of the MRN complex and ATM kinase in DNA damage repair
Kamila Czornak, Sanaullah Chughtai, Krystyna H. Chrzanowska
page 383    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Subtle familial translocation t(11;22)(q24.2;q13.33) resulting in Jacobsen syndrome and distal trisomy 22q13.3: further details of genotype-phenotype maps
Aleksander Jamsheer, Marta Smyk, Jolanta Wierzba, Jolanta Kolowska, Anna Wozniak, Joanna Skolozdrzy, Maria Fischer, Anna Latos-Bielenska
page 397    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

APC gene mutations causing familial adenomatous polyposis in Polish patients
Andrzej Plawski, Ryszard Slomski
page 407    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Mosaic cri-du-chat syndrome in a girl with a mild phenotype
Lilia Maria de Azevedo Moreira, Acacia Fernandes Lacerda de Carvalho, Ana Lucia Vieira de Freitas Borja, Paula Sanders Pereira Pinto, Adriana Silveira, Lucy Magalhaes de Freitas, Maria de Lourdes Lima Falcao
page 415    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

A novel genotype c.1228C>G/c.1448C-1498C (L371V/Rec-NciI) in a 3-year-old child with type 1 Gaucher disease
Nabil A. Yassin, Samar A. Muwakkit, Ahmad O. Ibrahim, Imad M. Kayim, Mohammad-Zohair M. Habbal, Nabil M. Chamseddine, Khaled M. Musallam, Ali I. Shamseddine
page 421    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Microbial Genetics

Aerobic reduction of perchlorate by bacteria isolated in Kerala, South India
Anita Shete, Pratap N. Mukhopadhyaya, Arpan Acharya, Bikash A. Aich, Suresh Joshi, Vikram S. Ghole
page 425    Abstract & full text article (PDF)

Wheat-infecting Fusarium species in Poland - their chemotypes and frequencies revealed by PCR assay
Lukasz Stepien, Delfina Popiel, Grzegorz Koczyk, Jerzy Chelkowski
page 433    Abstract & full text article (PDF)