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Journal of Applied Genetics 49(1), 2008, pp. 45-47

Endonuclease restriction of SCAR amplicons SC811 is required to identify Ns-false-positive markers in PVS-susceptible potato cultivars

Katarzyna Szajko, Miroslawa Chrzanowska, Danuta Strzelczyk-Zyta, Helena Zagorska, Waldemar Marczewski

Abstract: The Ns gene confers resistance of potato to Potato virus S (PVS). Sixteen German and Dutch potato cultivars, all registered in Poland, were found to be susceptible to PVS infection. However, scoring of the cultivars for the presence of the Ns-linked SCAR marker SC811454 revealed additional amplicons with a similar electrophoretic migration rate as that of SC811454, which resulted in ambiguous determination of the genotype at the Ns locus. MboI or FokI treatment of the PCR products allowed to detect their Ns-unspecificity in PVS-susceptible potato cultivars.

Key words: CAPS markers, gene Ns, marker-assisted selection, potato, PVS resistance, SCAR markers.

Correspondence: W. Marczewski, Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute, Platanowa 19, 05-831 Mlochow, Poland; e-mail:

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