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Journal of Applied Genetics 48(1), 2007, pp. 63-68

Effect of variants in the ovine skeletal-muscle-specific calpain gene on body weight

Hoyoung Chung, Bonghwan Choi, Gilwon Jang, Kyungtai Lee, Hyunju Kim, Sungho Yoon, Seokki Im, Michael Davis, Harold Hines

Abstract: The ovine skeletal-muscle-specific calpain gene (p94), which is known also as the n-calpain or calpain 3 gene (CAPN3), was screened with primers. Selection of the PCR primers was based on the ovine cDNA sequence (GenBank accession No. AF087570). After sequence alignment between the ovine and human (AY902237) genes, exon and intron boundaries were determined. Polymorphisms were observed in the intron region for the CAPN31112 and CAPN31213 segments, and the sequences for these segments were submitted to the GenBank (AF309635 and AY102617, respectively). Body weight was recorded at birth, weaning and post-weaning. Calpain 3 genotypes of the CAPN31112 segment were associated with birth weight (P < 0.01), and a dominant gene effect was observed. Breeding group, birth type, and rearing type were significantly associated with weight traits. Allele frequencies were similar in purebred and crossbred animals.

Key words: ovine, growth, calpain 3, PCR-SSCP.

Correspondence: H.Y. Chung, Animal Genomics and Bioinformatics Division, National Livestock Research Institute, Suwon 441-701 Korea; e-mail:

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