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Journal of Applied Genetics 47(1), 2006, pp. 55-57

Microsatellite polymorphism in intron 1 of the bovine myostatin gene

Xochitl F. De la Rosa-Reyna, Mario A. Rodriguez Perez, Ana M. Sifuentes-Rincon

Abstract: Microsatellites within genes have become important because of their association with genetic diseases in humans. A novel microsatellite was identified in the first intron of the bovine myostatin gene. It is characterized by a mononucleotide core motif that exhibits polymorphic sequence variants (from 12 to 21 repeats) within and between some bovine breeds. Structural analysis of the microsatellite region in bovines as well as in closely related species permitted to trace the possible mechanisms for its structural evolution across the order Artiodactyla.

Key words: bovine double-muscling, myostatin, SSRs.

Correspondence: A.M. Sifuentes-Rincon, Laboratorio de Biotecnologia Animal I, Centro de Biotecnologia Genomica, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Boulevard del Maestro esq. Elias Pina, Col. Narciso Mendoza, Cd. Reynosa, Tam. C.P. 88710, Mexico, e-mail:

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