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Journal of Applied Genetics 46(3), 2005, pp. 311-314

Restriction fragment length polymorphism of exon 2 Ovar-DRB1 gene in Polish Heath Sheep and Polish Lowland Sheep

Joanna Gruszczynska, Karolina Brokowska, Krystyna M. Charon, Wieslaw P. Swiderek

Abstract: Exon 2 of the Ovar-DR gene is known to encode the MHC outer domain (alpha or beta chain) that forms the binding area to antigens presented. The study was aimed at analysing exon 2 Ovar -DRB1 gene polymorphism in Polish Heath Sheep and Polish Lowland Sheep (Żelazna variety). A total of 101 and 99 ewes of the respective breeds were included in this study. We identified 65 different haplotypes in Polish Heath Sheep and 68 in Polish Lowland Sheep. The PCR-RFLP method and PCR products sequencing made it possible to identify two new sequences of exon 2 Ovar-DRB1 gene (AY230000 and AY248695). A distinct polymorphism in the exon 2 sequence presents possibilities for immune response toward a great variety of pathogens.

Key words: Ovar-DRB1, PCR-RFLP, polymorphism.

Correspondence: J. Gruszczynska, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Warsaw Agricultural University, Ciszewskiego 8, 02-786 Warszawa, Poland, e-mail:

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