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Journal of Applied Genetics 46(3), 2005, pp. 299-305

Genetic variation of Polish endangered Biłgoraj horses and two common horse breeds in microsatellite loci

Tomasz Zabek, Anna Nogaj, Anna Radko, Jan Nogaj, Ewa Slota

Abstract: Genetic variation of endangered Biłgoraj horses and two common Polish horse breeds was compared with the use of 12 microsatellite loci (AHT4, AHT5, ASB2, HMS2, HMS3, HMS6, HMS7, HTG4, HTG6, HTG7, HTG10, VHL20). Lower allelic diversity was detected in all investigated populations in comparison to other studies. Large differences in the frequencies of microsatellite alleles between Biłgoraj horses and two other horse breeds were discovered. In all polymorphic loci all investigated breeds were in the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Mean Fis values and the results of a test for the presence of a recent bottleneck were non-significant in all studied populations. Comparable values of observed and expected gene diversity indicate no substantial loss of genetic variation in the Biłgoraj population and two other breeds. The lowest variability observed in the investigated group of Thoroughbred horses was confirmed. About 10% of genetic variation are explained by differences between breeds. Values of pairwise Fst and two measures of genetic distance demonstrated that Biłgoraj horses are distantly related to both common horse breeds.

Key words: Biłgoraj horses, genetic variation, microsatellites.

Correspondence: T. Zabek, Immuno- and Cytogenetics Department, National Research Institute of Animal Production, Krakowska 1, 32-083 Balice, Poland, e-mail:

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