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Journal of Applied Genetics 46(3), 2005, pp. 265-269

The influence of several factors on the efficiency of androgenesis in carrot

Krystyna Gorecka, Dorota Krzyzanowska, Ryszard Gorecki

Abstract: The influence of cultivar, donor plant and culture procedure on the efficiency of androgenesis was studied in carrot anther culture. Experiments were carried out on five carrot cultivars: CxC 9900 F1, Lucky B F1, HCM, Beta III and Perfekcja, which were chosen because of their high carotene contents. Two procedures of anther culture were compared: (1) incubation in darkness for two weeks, followed by exposure to continuous light and transfer onto a fresh medium of the same composition; and (2) incubation in darkness until embryos appeared, without transfer onto a fresh medium. Temperature was +27°C all the time. Genotype played an important role in the process of androgenesis in carrot anther culture.The efficiency was the highest in cv. HCM - 5.6 embryos per 100 anthers. Considerable differences in the capacity for androgenesis were observed between individual donor plants. The ratio of embryos obtained per 100 anthers for cv. HCM varied from 0.0 to 48.9. The second procedure of anther culture proved to be more efficient, cheaper and less complicated.

Key words: androgenesis, donor plant, embryos, genotype, procedures of anther culture.

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