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Issue 46(1), 2005

Obituary Notice

Professor Halina Krzanowska (1926-2004)
Jozefa Styrna
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Plant Genetics

Microsatellite DNA polymorphism divergence in Chinese wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) landraces highly resistant to Fusarium head blight
Yu-Ming Wei, Yong-Cui Hou, Ze-Hong Yan, Wei Wu, Zhi-Qing Zhang, Deng-Cai Liu, You-Liang Zheng
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Cytology and fertility of viable hybrids of Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. TB-566 with N. alata Link et Otto
Dorota Laskowska, Apoloniusz Berbec
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Induction and characterization of streptomycin-resistant mutants in Capsicum praetermissum
Peddaboina Venkataiah, Thamidala Christopher, Karampuri Subhash
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Diversity of diploid androgenic Brussels sprout plants of R0 and R1 generations
Piotr Kaminski, Barbara Dyki, Dorota Krzyzanowska, Krystyna Gorecka
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Resistance of cultivars and breeding lines of spring wheat to Fusarium culmorum and powdery mildew
Halina Wisniewska, Krzysztof Kowalczyk
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Reciprocal controlled crosses between Pinus sylvestris and P. mugo verified by a species-specific cpDNA marker
Witold Wachowiak, Andrzej Lewandowski, Wieslaw Prus-Glowacki
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Animal Genetics

MilkProtChip - a microarray of SNPs in candidate genes associated with milk protein biosynthesis - development and validation
Stanislaw Kaminski, Aune Ahman, Anna Rusc, Elzbieta Wojcik, Tadeusz Malewski
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Leukocyte acid phosphatase and metabolic efficiency of phagocytes in the first lactation trimester of cows from a leukaemic herd
Ewa Kaczmarczyk, Barbara Bojarojc-Nosowicz, Anna Fiedorowicz
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Identification of gadoid species (Pisces, Gadidae) by PCR-RFLP analysis
Futoshi Aranishi, Takane Okimoto, Shotaro Izumi
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Isolation, cloning and expression of DNA fragments reflecting open reading frames of 1.8 and 4.6 kb RNAs of the I-18 C gene of Chironomus tentans
Boguslaw P. Borowicz
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DGAT1 K232A quantitative trait nucleotide polymorphism in Polish Black-and-White cattle
Chandra S. Pareek, Urszula Czarnik, Tadeusz Zabolewicz, Ravi S. Pareek, Krzysztof Walawski
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Genetic variability among Polish Red, Hereford and Holstein-Friesian cattle raised in Poland based on analysis of microsatellite DNA sequences
Anna Radko, Agata Zyga, Tomasz Zabek, Ewa Slota
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Human Genetics

A review of asthma genetics: gene expression studies and recent candidates
Giovanni Malerba, Pier F. Pignatti
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Molecular findings in Brazilian patients with osteogenesis imperfecta
Fernanda C. Reis, Fabiana Alexandrino, Carlos E. Steiner, Denise Y.J. Norato, Denise P. Cavalcanti, Edi L. Sartorato
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Recombination aneusomy of subtelomeric regions of chromosome 5, resulting from a large familial pericentric inversion inv(5)(p15.33q35.3)
Ewa Bocian, Kamila Suchenek, Ewa Obersztyn, Beata Nowakowska, Tadeusz Mazurczak
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