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Journal of Applied Genetics 45(3), 2004, pp. 283-295

Enhancing the resistance of triticale by using genes from wheat and rye

Miroslaw Tyrka, Jerzy Chelkowski

Abstract: At present two separate nomenclature systems exist for wheat and rye. This paper provides a proposed common catalogue of wheat, rye and triticale resistance gene symbols. More than 130 postulated wheat resistance genes are listed. Over 39 rye and 6 triticale resistance (R) genes have been identified and named. Genes responsible for reaction to powdery mildew and to leaf, stem and yellow rusts are the best-represented group of resistance genes. From the common catalogue it can be concluded that there exists a potential for further transfer of rye resistance genes to wheat and triticale. Many molecular markers can be applied for marker-assisted gene transfer, but the expression of the R genes in the new genetic background of triticale remains to be investigated.

Key words: homoeologous genes, pathogen resistance genes, rye, triticale, wheat.

Correspondence: M Tyrka, Laboratory of Population Genetics, Polonia University, Pulaskiego 4/6, 42-200 Czestochowa, Poland; e-mail:

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