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Journal of Applied Genetics 45(1), 2004, pp. 27-35

Numerical method for detection of linkage between genes for two metrical traits

Zygmunt KACZMAREK, Maria SURMA, Tadeusz ADAMSKI, Stanislaw CZAJKA

Abstract: A homozygous population derived from hybrids between two homozygous parents may be used for genetic analysis of metrical traits. The paper describes the use of doubled haploids (DH) and single seed descent (SSD) lines for detection of linkage between genes conditioning two quantitative traits. A computational algorithm is presented, which facilitates matching various variants of relations between variances, covariances and means of DH and SSD populations so as to make it possible to conclude on the presence/absence of linkage. The suggested methodology is illustrated with an example concerning three quantitative traits of barley: length of the third internode, stem wall thickness, and 1000-grain weight.

Key words: barley, doubled haploids, linkage, metrical traits, nonallelic interaction, SSD population.

Correspondence: Z. KACZMAREK, Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Strzeszynska 34, 60-479 Poznan, Poland; e-mail:

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