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Journal of Applied Genetics 44(2), 2003, pp. 157-163

Evaluation of genetic diversity and uniformity of head cabbage DH lines by the use of RAPD markers

Piotr KAMINSKI, Miroslawa STANIASZEK, Elzbieta U. KOZIK

Abstract: DH lines derived from cabbage cvs. Kamienna Głowa, Sława z Enkhuizen and Langendijker, representing R1 generation, were analysed by the use of RAPD markers for their diversity and uniformity. For the evaluation of genetic diversity, eight primers yielding informative bands were used. Of the total of 83 RAPD bands scored in this study, 16.9% were polymorphic between a set of 13 DH lines. The similarity of the DH lines, estimated by Jaccard’s coefficient, was depicted in the UPGMA dendrogram. Fourteen generated informative RAPD bands allowed the identification of DH lines developed from each cultivar. The evaluation of the uniformity for six closely related DH lines was possible by the use of three primers which generate one or two polymorphic bands. The lack of differences among ten plants of the five investigated DH lines manifested their uniformity. One line showed intraline polymorphism with two RAPD primers. The occurrence of the differences at the molecular level among ten plants indicated that their parental R0 plant was probably obtained from somatic cells, not by androgenesis.

Key words: Brassica oleracea var. capitata, DH lines, genetic diversity, intraline uniformity, RAPD.

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