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Journal of Applied Genetics 43(3), 2002, pp. 319-329

Relationship between microsatellite marker alleles on chromosomes 1-5 originating from the Rhode Island Red and Green-legged Partrigenous breeds and egg production and quality traits in F2 mapping population

Barbara WARDECKA, Rafal OLSZEWSKI, Kazimierz JASZCZAK, Grzegorz ZIEBA, Mariusz PIERZCHALA, Krystyna WICINSKA

Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between the origin of marker alleles from the Rhode Island Red (RIR) and Green-legged Partrigenous (GlP) breeds and chosen egg production and quality traits in F2 generation consisting of 10 full-sib families. Polymorphism analysis of 23 microsatellite markers within the mapping population (519 F2) was made. In parental generation 17 alleles were identified as specific for the GlP and 23 for the RIR. The least squares method was used to evaluate the significance of effects of genotype (GlP/GlP, RIR/RIR, GlP/RIR) on the analysed quantitative traits. Thirty traits of egg production and quality were measured during the laying period. It was shown that the effects of the genotype (GlP/GlP, RIR/RIR, GlP/RIR) at the loci on analysed traits of F2 animals were diversified. Significant effects were found for 16 traits. These results confirm that the analysed microsatellite loci may be linked to the genes affecting egg production and quality traits. The loci examined and the experimental population constitutes a valuable material for QTL mapping (linkage analysis).

Key words: chicken, egg production, egg quality traits, gene mapping, microsatellites.

Correspondence: B. WARDECKA, Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, 05552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland, e-mail:

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